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Education Professional Standards Board

Authority: KRS 161.028
Status: Active
Term: 4 years
Description: The Education Professional Standards Board consists of seventeen gubernatorial appointees. The Board establishes the standards and requirements for obtaining and maintaining a teaching certificate within the Commonwealth, and also sets forth the guidelines and standards for the programs that prepare individuals for becoming teachers and professional school personnel.
Composition: Board composed of 17 members as follows: ex-officio voting members - President of the Council on Postsecondary Education and Chief State School Officer, or their designees; 9 members shall be teachers rep. of elementary, middle or junior high, secondary, special education, and secondary vocational classrooms; 1 local boards of education rep.; 2 school administrators, one of whom shall be a school principal; 3 representatives of postsecondary institutions (2 shall be deans of colleges of education at public universities, and 1 of whom shall be the chief academic officer of an independent not-for-profit college or university). Members select Chairman. Members shall be confirmed by the Senate and the House of Representatives.
Compensation: Expenses
Meeting Schedule: Quarterly
Number of Members: 17
Needs Senate Confirmation: Yes
          100 Airport Road, 3rd Floor
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502) 564-4606
Fax: (502) 564-7080


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Ellis, Tolya10/16/20139/18/2017Member; Teacher representativeShelby
Fishback, Ashley 5/27/20169/18/2018Member; Teacher representativeShelby
Gesenhues, Casey 5/27/20169/18/2019Member; Teacher representativeCampbell
Hedgepath, Donna8/4/20159/18/2018Member; Postsecondary education representativeTaylor
O'Hair, Mary John7/31/20136/7/2016Member; Postsecondary education representativeFayette
Owens, William A.5/27/20169/18/2018Member; School Board representativeLee
Strong, Anthony10/4/20129/18/2016School administrator representativePendleton
Webb, Cassandra10/4/20129/18/2016Member; Teacher representativeLawrence
Whaley, David C.7/31/2013Member; Postsecondary education representativeCalloway
King, Robert L.Ex-officio
Pruitt, Commissioner StephenEx-officio
Colyer, Rachel6/6/20176/30/2021Member; Middle School Teacher representativeFayette
Graham, David M.6/6/20176/30/2021Member; Arts and Humanities Teacher RepresentativeWarren
Burnett, Sarah 6/6/20176/30/2021Member; Science, math or technology teacher representativePulaski
Morgan, R. Daniel6/6/20176/30/3030Member; Secondary School Teacher RepresentativeJefferson
Hedgepath, Donna Rice6/6/20176/30/2020Member; Members of private postsecondary institution representativeTaylor
Powers, Sherry Wilson6/6/20176/30/2019Member; Members of a Public Postsecondary institution representativeFayette
Gornik, Katherine Ann6/6/20176/30/2019Member; Members At-Large representativeFayette
Thomas, Steven Robert6/6/20176/30/2019Member;Taylor
Sletto, Shad Michael6/6/20176/30/2019Member; SCAAC representativeKenton
Murphy, Jerri Ellen8/16/20186/30/2021Member; representing principals or school administrators
Chevalier, Kimberly A.8/16/20186/30/2020Member; representing exceptional education teachers or administrators
Mitchell, Justin8/16/20186/30/2021Member; representing gifted and talented teachers or administrators
Sletto, Shad Michael8/16/20186/30/2018Member; representing parents or private sector members with workforce experience
Smith, Elizabeth J.11/19/20186/30/2019Member; representing elementary teachersWoodford
Stickler, Jamie11/19/20186/30/2020Member; representing school counselors or psychologistsLee
Hedgepath, Donna 8/16/2019ChairpersonTaylor

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