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Early Intervention System Interagency Coordinating Council, Kentucky

Authority: EO 93-393; PL 102.119
Status: Active
Term: 3 years
Description: The Kentucky Early Intervention System Interagency Coordinating Council advises the Cabinet for Health and Family Services on the development and implementation of the Kentucky Early Intervention System with the goal to maximize the potential of infants and toddlers (birth through two) having, or at risk of having, developmental delays. To do so through the development and implementation of a comprehensive statewide system, and to provide services that are available as soon as it is possible to identify the problems.
Composition: Governor appoints 25 members: parent representatives - at least 20% of the members; representatives of public or private providers of early intervention services - at least 20% of the members; 1 representative of the State Legislative; 1 representative of university personnel preparation programs; 1 representative of state educational agency responsible for preschool services to children w/ disabilities; 1 representative of agency responsible for the state governance of insurance; at least 1 representative from each of the state agencies involved in the provision of, or payment for, early intervention services to infants and toddlers w/disabilities and their families and shall have sufficient authority to engage in policy planning and implementation on behalf of such agencies; at least 1 representative from a Head Start agency or program in the State; at least 1 representative from a State agency responsible for child care. The Council may also include other members selected by the Governor including a representative from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, or where there is no BIA-operated or BIA-funded school, from the Indian Health Service or the tribe or tribal council. Dept. of Defense representative and President of the KY Pediatric Society or his designee.
Compensation: Expenses
Number of Members: 25
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          Department for Public Health (First Steps) 100 Fair Oaks Lane, 4E-E
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502) 564-7702
Fax: (502) 564-0438


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Hampton, Linda J.5/22/20144/20/2017MemberMadison
LaFavers, Holly L.5/22/20144/20/2017MemberPulaski
Lowe, Catherine F.5/9/20194/20/2021MemberFayette
Pryor, Trina L.5/22/20144/20/2017MemberDaviess
Schumacher, Elizabeth A.5/2/20194/20/2022MemberJefferson
Thomas, Lauren M.5/2/20194/20/2022Member; representing public/private providersJefferson
Tomcheck, Scott D.12/5/20134/20/2016MemberJefferson
Tucker, Jennifer K.5/22/20144/20/2016MemberJefferson
Lester, Catherine A.3/26/20194/20/2022Member, representing the Office for Children with Special Health Care NeedsJefferson
Richey, Kelsey E.3/26/20194/20/2021Member, represening parents of a child with a disabilityWarren
Howard, Jeffrey3/26/20194/20/2022Member, representing the Department for Public HealthFranklin
Schumacher, Elizabeth3/26/20194/20/2019Member, representing public or private providers of early intervention services to infants and toddlers with disabilitiesJefferson
LaFavers, Holly3/26/20194/20/2020Member, representing parents of a child with a disabilityFayette
Marraccini, Christina L.5/2/20194/20/2022Member; representing parents of a child with a disabilityFranklin
Raispis, Anne Marie5/2/2019Member; representing public/private holdersKenton
Hart, Jessica M.5/2/20194/20/2020Member; representing public/private providersMadison
Ferrell, Melissa S.5/9/20194/20/2022Member; representing the Homeless Children and Youth programsFranklin
Bartholomew, Andrea5/9/20194/20/2022Member; representing the Department of EducationClark
Atkins, Nancy5/9/20194/20/2022Member; representing the Department of InsuranceFranklin
Bell, Christa5/9/20194/20/2022Member; representing the Department for Community Based Services
Jennings, David Charles5/9/20194/20/2022Member; representing parents of a child with a disabilityJefferson
McLaren, Elizabeth M.5/9/20194/20/2022Member; representing institutions of higher educationFayette
Jordan, Beth Michele5/9/20194/20/2021Member; representing the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual DisabilitiesWoodford
Shepherd, Sally K.5/20/20194/20/2022Member; representing the Head Start programAnderson
Theriot, Dr. Judith6/3/20194/20/2022Member; representing the Department of Medicaid ServicesFranklin
Marvel, Melissa12/9/20194/20/2022Member, representing public/private providersJefferson

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