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Agriculture Resource Development Authority, Kentucky

Authority: KRS 11.170
Status: Inactive
Inactive Reason: Abolished June 29, 2017; 2017 Kentucky Acts, Ch. 080, Sec. 58
Term: 4 years; no limit, 7 commodity groups shall serve for 1 year terms
Chair: Then Governor shall designate the chair.
Description: The Kentucky Agriculture Resources Development Authority (KARDA) is comprised of various agriculture leaders, commodity and industry representatives, farmers, and political leaders who serve to unify the efforts of all Kentucky agricultural groups. KARDA advises the Governor and other state officials on economic development initiatives that will improve the farm economy in Kentucky. KARDA also works with the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch on legislation, policies, and programs with specific emphasis on increasing farm income and strengthening Kentucky’s rural communities. The members of KARDA strive to improve the flow of information from the federal and state governments and the university system to agricultural commodity organizations, their members, and the farm community in general.
Composition: The KARDA shall consist of 23 members as follows: The Governor or designee, UK Dean of Agriculture, or designee; Commissioner of Agriculture, or designee; Chair of Senate Agriculture Committee; Chair of House Agriculture and Small Business Committee; President, KY Farm Bureau or designee; president, Chair of the KY Agriculture Council, or designee;1 member appointed by the Governor from a list of 3 large animal veterinarians nominated by the KY Veterinary Medical Association; 7 members appointed by the Governor as follows; the Governor appoints one each from the seven commodity-specific organizations that officially represent the agriculture commodities with the greatest cash receipts from farm marketings as reported by the KY Agricultural Statistics Service; 4 members appointed as follows: any KY University offering a 4 year agriculture degree or any agribusiness or agricultural association which is registered with the Secretary of State may submit 1 nominee to the Governor by March 1. The Governor shall determine the 4 members from the nominees submitted; and 4 members at large.
Compensation: expenses
Meeting Schedule: KARDA shall meet at the call of the Governor or the chair.
Number of Members: 23
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          Governor's Office of Agriculture Policy 404 Ann Street
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502) 564-4627
Fax: (502) 564-8990


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