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Children, Kentucky State Advisory Panel for Exceptional

Authority: PL 94-142 - EXO 95-1295
Status: Active
Term: 3 years
Description: The Kentucky State Advisory Panel for Exceptional Children (SAPEC) is composed of twenty-one citizen members appointed by the Governor. The Panel provides policy guidance with respect to special education and related services for children with disabilities in Kentucky and advises and assists the Department of Education regarding the provision of appropriate services for children aged birth through twenty. The authority for the Panel is mandated under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (20 U.S.C. 1400 et amended)
Composition: Ex-officio - Secretary of Cabinet for Human Resources; Dir. of Div. for Program Resources (Dept. of Education); Commissioner of Dept. for Vocational Rehabilitation (Workforce Development Cabinet); Dir. or employee/consultant of the Div. of Vocational Education (Dept. of Education) Dir. of Div. for Exceptional Children (Dept. of Education); and 21 citizen members appointed by the Governor which shall include at least 1 person presentative from each of the following groups: individuals with disabilities; state and local education officials; regular education teachers; teachers of children with disabilities; parents or guardians of children with disabilities; faculty from higher education; administrators of public and nonpublic programs for children with disabilities; and special education program administrators. Members may serve no more than 2 consecutive 3-year terms.
Compensation: Expenses
Meeting Schedule: Quarterly
Number of Members: 26
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          Capital Plaza Tower
          Frankfort , KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502) 564-4970
Fax: (502)564-6721


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Allen, Casey10/2/20158/8/2018Member; parent repMcCracken
Armstrong, Michael Allen11/18/20158/8/2018Member; local education officials repLawrence
Bausch,  Margaret 10/17/20148/8/2017Member; Facutly of Higher Ed repFayette
Beard, Ryan E.10/17/20148/8/2017Member; Educators repCasey
Brangers, Deanna L.9/22/20118/8/2014Member; Parent repJefferson
Cooper, Justin T.10/2/20158/8/2018Member; Faculty of Higher Ed repShelby
Dowd, Anita 11/14/20138/8/2016Member; Individuals with disabilities repAnderson
Folker, Amy S.10/2/20158/8/2018Member; Parents repFranklin
Goley, Barry W.10/17/20148/8/2017Member; Parents repWarren
Smith-Hutchison, Leisa11/18/20158/8/2018Member; Parents repWarren
Jensen, Elisabeth Anne10/2/20158/8/2018Member; Parents repFayette
Lovell, Brian10/17/20148/8/2017Member; Parents repUnion
McCallon, Randy10/17/20148/8/2017Member; local education officials repCalloway
Merritt, Brent E.11/14/20138/8/2016Member; Parents repFayette
Nicholson, Vickie11/18/20158/8/2018Member; Teachers repClay
Nolan, Ronnie 10/17/20148/8/2017Member; State and Local Education officials repFayette
Pohlgeers, Connie C.11/14/20138/8/2016Member; Parents repKenton
Risden-Smith, Jaclyn11/14/20138/8/2016Member; Local Education officials repBoyle
Smith, Stella W.11/18/20158/8/2018Member; Parents repBoyle
Slemp, Martha11/18/20158/8/2018Member; Juvenile Justice repAnderson
Tucker, Jennifer K.11/18/20158/8/2018Member; Parents repJefferson
Goff, PaulaEx-officio
Reilly,  VickeyEx-officio
Marshall,  MaryEx-officio
Dowd, Anita Carol9/13/20176/30/2019Member; Individuals with disabilities or exceptional needsAnderson
Rubemeyer, Julie Ann9/13/20176/30/2017Member; Representing Parents of an Exceptional ChildKenton
Greer, William Hadaway9/13/20176/30/2019Member; Representing Parents of an Exceptional ChildWarren
Light, Anna Katherine9/13/20176/30/2019Vice-Chair; Representing Elementary Special Education TeachersPulaski
Umstead, Eric Wesley9/13/20176/30/2019Member; Representing Higher Education Members that Prepare Special Education TeachersCalloway
Barnes, Amber Nicole9/13/20176/30/2020Member; Representing Individuals with Disabilities or Exceptional NeedsBoyle
Suttles, Libby Ellen9/13/20176/30/2019Member; Representing Private Providers of Programs for Exceptional Children
Knight, Melissa Lee9/13/20176/30/2020Member; Representing Individuals with Disabilities or Exceptional NeedsMarion
Folker, Amy Sue9/13/20176/30/2020Member; Representing Members Meeting Requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities ActFranklin
Hutchison, Leisa Carol9/13/20176/30/2020Member; Representing Members Meeting Requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities ActWarren
Gibbons, Tricia Shawn9/13/20176/30/2020Member; Representing Members Meeting Requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities ActKenton
Hughes, Danny Kay9/13/20176/30/2020Member; Representing Members Meeting the Requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities ActWayne
Chevalier, Kimberly Ann9/13/20176/30/2021Member; Representing Public School Administrators of Programs for Exceptional ChildrenBoone
Cockerell, Carey 9/13/20176/30/2021Member; Representing Members Affiliated with Juvenile Correction or Transitional ServicesScott
Hamilton, Joseph Lee9/13/20179/30/2021Member; Representing Members Experienced with the McKinny-Vento Homeless Assistance ActJefferson
Hylton, Margretta Gayle9/13/20176/30/2021Member; Representing members involved with the financing or delivery of services to children with disabilitiesMorgan
Lee, Barry Dale9/13/20176/30/2021Chair; Representing members of vocational community or business organizations concered with the provision of services to disabled children.Casey
Hutchinson, Brent Douglas9/13/20176/30/2021Member; Representing members of private schools or public charter schoolsKnott
Dueñas, Jessica9/14/20186/30/2019Member, representing middle or secondary special education teachersJefferson
Hitzelberger, Brandi9/14/20186/30/2020Member, representing members meeting the requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities ActJefferson
Johnson,  Christopher9/14/20186/30/2021Member, representing child welfare agency members responsible for foster care
Rubemeyer, Julie Ann9/23/20196/30/2022Member, representing parents of an exceptional child ages birth through 12 yearsKenton
Dowd, Anita Carol9/23/20196/30/2022Member, representing individuals with disabilities or exceptional needsAnderson
Light, Anna Katherine9/23/20196/30/2022Member, representing elementary special education teachersPulaski
Umstead, Eric Wesley9/23/20196/30/2022Member, representing higher education members that prepare special education teachersCalloway
Suttles, Libby Ellen9/23/20196/30/2022Member, representing private sector providers of programs for exceptional childrenBoyle
Dueñas, Jessica9/23/20196/30/2022Member, representing middle or secondary special education teachersJefferson

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