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Industrial Hemp Advisory Board

Authority: KRS 260.860
Status: Active
Term: Four (4) years.
Chair: The Commissioner or the Commissioner's designee shall serve as chair.
Description: The Industrial Hemp Advisory Board is created for the purpose of providing advice and expertise as may be needed by a university or the department with respect to plans, policies, and procedures applicable to the administration of its respective industrial hemp research pilot programs.
Composition: The Industrial Hemp Advisory Board shall be composed of the following members: (a) The Commissioner of the department or the Commissioner's designee; (b) The executive director of the Governor's Office of Agricultural Policy or the executive director's designee; (c) The dean of the University of Kentucky's College of Agriculture, Food and Environment or the dean's designee; (d) The commissioner of the Department of Kentucky State Police or the commissioner's designee; (e) The president of the Kentucky Sheriff's Association or the president's designee; (f) The president of the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police or the president's designee; and (g) Ten (10) at-large members designated by the Commissioner.
Compensation: Expenses
Meeting Schedule: The board shall meet at least one (1) time annually at the call of the chair.
Number of Members: 16
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          111 Corporate Drive
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: 502-573-0282


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Haskins, Merion12/1/201710/31/2019Member; at-largeTaylor
Woosley, Paul12/1/201710/31/2019Member; at-largeWarren
Brannon, Tony12/1/201710/31/2020Member; at-largeCalloway
James, Bob12/1/201710/31/2020Member; at-largeFayette
Moyer, Katie12/1/201710/31/2020Member; at-largeChristian
Hutchens, Tom12/1/201710/31/2020Member; at-largeClark
Riddle, Trey12/1/201710/31/2021Member; at-largeJefferson
Gilkison, Brennan12/1/201710/31/2021Member; at-large
Williams, David12/1/201710/31/2021Member; at-largeBreathitt
Quarles, Commissioner RyanChair
Beeler, WarrenEx-officio; Executive Director of Governor's Office of Agricultural Policy
Cox, Dr. Nancy M.Ex-officio; Dean, UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment
Sanders, Commissioner Richard W.Ex-officio; Commissioner, Kentucky State Police
Corman, Sheriff KevinEx-officio; President, Kentucky Sheriff's Association
Barnhill, Chief BrandonEx-officio; President, Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police

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