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Workforce Investment Board, Kentucky

Authority: EO 2009-355
Status: Active
Term: 4 years
Chair: The Board shall be headed by a Chairperson appointed by the Governor who shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor.
Description: The board develops policies to help Kentuckians have the training, education and skills necessary to get and retain jobs.
Composition: A Coordinating Council comprised of the Governor and senior policy and administrative officers who will serve as the steering committee for the Workforce Investment Board as follows: Governor, or designee; Secretary of the Executive Cabinet, or designee; Chief of Staff to the Governor or designee; Secretary of the Economic Dev. Cabinet; Secretary of the Education and Workforce Dev. Cabinet; Secretary of Labor; Secretary of the Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet; Commissioner of Education; Commissioner of Workforce Development; President of KCTCS; and President of Council on Postsecondary Education. 21 additional members shall be appointed by the Governor. Such members must 1 represent a business as a high-level executive such as an owner, CEO, or COO, of a company that represents the employment opportunities in the state, and 2 be appointed from among individuals nominated by a state business organization or trade association; 2 chief elected officials representing municipalities and counties; 2 representatives of labor organizations; 1 representative of individuals and organizations who has experience with respect to youth activities; 1 representative of individuals and organizations who has experience in the delivery of workforce investment activities; The lead state agency official with responsibility for the programs and activities of the stet One-Stop delivery system; 2 members of each chamber of the General Assembly. The Board shall be headed by a Chairperson appointed by the Governor who shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor.
Compensation: Expenses
Meeting Schedule: Quarterly
Number of Members: 25
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          500 Mero Street Capital Plaza Tower, 3rd Floor
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: 502-564-0372
Fax: 502-564-5959


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Feil, Peter6/25/20156/30/2016Member; Manufacturing Representative
Spears, Terry6/25/20156/30/2016Member; Business Representative
Pierce, Scott6/25/20156/30/2016Member; Engineering Trades Representative
Niehof, James6/25/20156/30/2016Member, Youth Representative
Steele, George6/25/20156/30/2016Member; Mayor of Grayson, Kentucky
Margulis, Heidi6/25/20156/30/2017Member; Healthcare Services Representative
Krug, Kurt6/25/20156/30/2017Member; Manufacturing Representative
Hitch, Rodney6/25/20156/30/2017Member; Energy Representative
Murphy, Patrick6/25/20156/30/2017Member
Baines, John6/25/20156/30/2017Member; IT Representative
Boggs, David6/25/20156/30/2017Member; Offender Community Representative
Fields, Sharon6/25/20156/30/2015Member; Disabilities Representative
Gibbs, Parvin6/25/20156/30/2017Member; Veterans/Military Representative
Thacker, John6/25/20156/30/2017Member; Transportation Trades Representative
Clark, Larry6/25/20156/30/2018Member; House of Representatives Representative
Higdon, Jimmy6/25/20156/30/2018Member, Senate Representative
Miller, Ashley6/25/20156/30/2018Member; Healthcare Services Representative
Luring, Jason6/25/20156/30/2018Member; Manufacturing Representative
Weier, Bill6/25/20156/30/2018Member; Manufacturing Representative
Parrish, Lynn6/25/20156/30/2018Member, Energy Representative
Jiranek, Marlin6/25/20156/30/2018Member; Entrepreneurship Representative
Webster, Carla6/25/20156/30/2018Member; IT Representative
Willinghurst, Steve6/25/20156/30/2018Member; Electrical Trades Representative
Luttrell, Amy6/25/20156/30/2018Member; Disadvantaged Populations Representative
Brinkley, Ruth6/25/20156/30/2019Member; Healthcare Representative
Haydon, Hugh6/25/20156/30/2019Member; Manufacturing Representative
Price, Mike6/25/20156/30/2019Member, Manufacturing Representative
Southard, Robert6/25/20156/30/2019Member; Energy Representative
Wilder, Danette6/25/20156/30/2019Member; Entrepreneurship Representative
Silvert, Madison6/25/20156/30/2018Member; Business Representative
Peralta, Freddy6/25/20156/30/2019Member, IT Representative
Morris, Debbie6/25/20156/30/2019Member; Food & Beverage - Distillery Representative
Furches, Sharon6/25/20156/30/2019Member; Agriculture Representative
Arnett, Jared6/25/20156/30/2019Member; Disadvantaged Populations Representative
Bevin, Governor Matthew G.Ex-Officio
Heiner, Hal12/8/2015Ex-Officio
Dunnigan, ErikEx-Officio
Ramsey, Derrick12/8/2015Ex-Officio
King, Robert L.Ex-Officio
Box, JayEx-Officio
Pruitt, StephenEx-Officio

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