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Women, Kentucky Commission on

Authority: KRS 344.510
Status: Active
Term: 4 years
Chair: Chair serves at the pleasure of the Governor
Description: The Kentucky Commission on Women is dedicated to elevating the status of women and girls in the Commonwealth, empowering them to overcome barriers to equity, and expanding opportunities to achieve their fullest potential. The group is mandated to promote, encourage and provide advisory assistance in the establishment of local volunteer community improvement programs for, and in the interest of, women. It also consults with the Governor on important women’s issues.
Composition: Membership shall consist of the spouse of the Governor of KY, the Lieutenant Governor, and not more than 24 members, a Chairperson, and an Executive Director, who shall be the administrative head and Chief Executive Officer of the Commission, to be appointed by the Governor. Chair serves at the pleasure of the Governor. The Governor, in appointing the commission, shall attempt to insure, insofar as it may be practicable, and w/ due regard to the several geographic regions and socio-economic groupings of the state, that the membership is broadly representative of the women of the state.
Compensation: Expenses
Meeting Schedule: 4 meetings per year
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          700 Capitol Avenue, Suite 146
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502) 564-2611
Fax: (502) 564-2853


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Capilouto, Mary Lynne2/6/20151/17/2019MemberFayette
Jones, Greta G.2/3/20171/17/2021MemberChristian
Hampton, Lt. Gov. Jenean Ex-Officio
Bevin, GlennaEx-Officio
Turner, Tierra Kavanaugh9/27/20161/17/2020MemberJefferson
Greene, Ann9/27/20161/17/2020MemberGrant
Baez, Lourdes C.9/27/20161/17/2020MemberJefferson
Connell, Paula B.9/27/20161/17/2020MemberMcCracken
Wilder, Danette Josephine9/27/20161/17/2020ChairFayette
Aavatsmark, Miranda Leigh2/3/20171/17/2021MemberWarren
Cameron, Sarah2/3/20171/17/2021MemberCampbell
Fennel, Krista Amy2/3/20171/17/2021MemberMcCracken
Gluck, Brenda Lee2/3/20171/17/2021MemberBracken
Harbut, Cordelia6/14/2016Executive DirectorFayette
Parker, Lorie Anne5/14/20191/17/2022MemberFayette
Shuffett, Sandra Robbin3/20/20171/17/2021MemberJessamine
Hodgson, Robin D5/14/20191/17/2022MemberJefferson
Park, Tracey5/14/20191/17/2022MemberHenry
Hedges, Allison W5/14/20191/17/2022MemberJefferson
Calihan, Erica5/14/20191/17/2022MemberFayette
Hawks, Katherine R5/14/20191/17/2023MemberBarren
Ditto, Jenny R5/14/20191/17/2023MemberBoyle
Clark, Lisa S5/14/20191/17/2023MemberJefferson
Putnam, Kristi5/14/20191/17/2023MemberFranklin
Adkisson, Ellen Christine5/14/20191/17/2023MemberFranklin
Sargeant, Kathy5/14/20191/17/2023memberHardin
Johnson, Alicia D5/14/20191/17/2023MemberFranklin

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