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Water Well Certification Board, Kentucky

Authority: KRS 223.415
Status: Active
Term: 3 years
Chair: Chair is selected by the members.
Description: The Kentucky Water Well Certification Board recommends to the secretary administrative regulations to govern examinations, hearings to suspend, revoke or deny a certificate, and any other duties as deemed fit.
Composition: 7 members appointed by the Governor upon the advice of the Secretary of EPPC after soliciting recommendations of interested parties. The Board shall be composed of: a driller who is an active member of both the KY & National Water Well Assocs. And whose business is actively involved in drilling water wells; a member who is a representative of the Cabinet; a member who is a hydrogeologist or hydrologist from the KY Geological Survey; 3 members who are water well drillers, each representing a different geographic region within the Commonwealth (provided that of the drillers selected, 2 must be certified to install wells using the cable tool drilling method & presently in the business of drilling wells using this method, & 1 must be certified in the use of rotary method & presently in the business of drilling wells using this method); and a member from the public at-large, who shall not be in any way connected w/ a water well business.
Compensation: Expenses
Meeting Schedule: Quarterly
Number of Members: 7
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          Division of Water 200 Fair Oaks Lane, 4th Floor
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502)-564-3410
Fax: (502)-564-0111


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Kelly, Danny R.4/26/20178/16/2019Member; Rotary Tool Drilling MethodHickman
Hayes, Orris Edward4/26/20178/16/2019Member, Cable Tool Drilling MethodFloyd
Toney, Roy H.4/26/20178/16/2019Member, Public at-large RepresentativeAnderson
Davidson, Oscar Barton4/26/20178/16/2019Member, Hydrogeologists or Hydrologists from Kentucky Geological Survey RepresentativeMadison
Moses, Kevin R.4/26/20178/16/2019Member, Cable Tool and Rotary Tool Drilling Method RepresentativeKnox
Hatton, Anthony Ray2/14/20188/16/2020Member; representing the Energy and Environment Cabinet
Mills, Todd W.3/14/20188/16/2020Member, Active Members in Kentucky and National Water Well Association RepresentativeMason

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