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Blind State Rehabilitation Council, Kentucky Office for the

Authority: KRS 163.470; PL 105-220
Status: Active
Term: 3 years
Chair: Council selects Chair.
Description: The Kentucky Office for the Blind State Rehabilitation Council advises the Kentucky Department for the Blind on matters of delivering vocational rehabilitation services and evaluates the goals and priorities of the state plan for rehabilitation centers. In addition, the council evaluates the effectiveness of and consumer satisfaction with department functions and services.
Composition: Council shall be composed of a maximum of 23 members who are residents of KY and the majority of whom shall be blind or visually impaired. Governor appoints as least 1 rep. from each organization as follows: Statewide Independent Living Council; National Industries for the Blind affiliate; representative of a parent training and information center established pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act; a Client Assistance Program; a Community Rehabilitation Program Service Providers; 4 reps. of business, industry & labor; 2 reps of the KY Council of the Blind; 2 reps of the Bluegrass Council of the Blind; 2 reps of the National Federation of the Blind of KY; 1 rep of KY licensed blind vendors; 1 rep of an individual w/ multiple disabilities who has difficulty representing him/herself; 1 rep of a state educational agency; 1 rep of the State Workforce Investment Act Board; 2 current or former applicants for or recipients of vocational rehabilitation services; and up to 2 at-large positions. There shall be statewide representation. The Executive Director of the Department for the Blind, the Director of Consumer Services, and one Office for the Blind Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor shall be non-voting members of the Council. Additional non-voting, ex-officio members may be designated with the State Rehabilitation Council's approval. No employee of the office for the Blind shall be a voting member of the State Rehabilitation Council. No member shall serve more than 2 consecutive 3 year terms.
Compensation: $100.00 per diem and expenses
Meeting Schedule: Quarterly
Number of Members: 21
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          Kentucky Office for the Blind 275 East Main Street
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502) 564-4754
Fax: (502) 564-2951


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Ament, Susan 6/26/20146/30/2017Member; Bluegrass Council for the Blind repFayette
Anderson, Angela D.8/13/20156/30/2018Member; persons with multiple disabilities repJefferson
Culpepper, Deborah J.8/13/20156/30/2018Member; recipients of vocational rehabilitation repKenton
Franklin, Dennis8/13/20156/30/2018Vice Chair; Business, industry & labor repJefferson
Jackson, Mary Catherine6/26/20146/30/2017Member; National Federation of the Blind repJefferson
Jones, Vanessa8/13/20156/30/2018Member; client assistant programs repWoodford
Lawson, David R.6/26/20146/30/2017Member; National Industries for the Blind repJefferson
Lewis, Debra6/26/20146/30/2017Member; KY Council for the Blind repJefferson
Logsdon, Rodger "Grant"8/13/20156/30/2018Member; American Council for the Blind repJefferson
Sinclair-Morris, Peggy8/13/20156/30/2018Member; State educational agencies repOldham
Skidmore, Rhonda6/26/20146/30/2017Member; vocational rehabilitation services repKenton
Stephens, Todd E.8/13/20156/30/2018Member; business, industry and labor repBoyd
Clayton, Nancy 12/20/20166/30/2019Member; members at-large repBoone
Stivers, Shirley12/20/20166/30/2019Memberl members at-large repCampbell
Thomas, Theresa D.12/20/20166/30/2019Member; Bluegrass Council for the Blind repFayette
Ruschival, Carla12/20/20166/30/2019Member; American Council for the Blind repJefferson
Hall, Jennifer B.12/20/20166/30/2019Member; National Federation of the Blind repLivingston
Dickerson, Beverly H.12/20/20166/30/2019Member; representing Kentucky licensed blind vendorsJefferson
Boggs, David Isaac12/20/20166/30/2019Member; representing Kentucky Workforce Investment BoardFranklin
Freholm, John Michael12/20/20166/30/2018Member; representing Statewide Independent Living CouncilGreenup
Singleton, Jennifer Jean12/20/20166/30/2018Member; representing Community Rehabilitation Program Service ProvidersTaylor

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