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Veterans' Program Trust Fund Board of Directors

Authority: KRS 40.460(2)(b) & 201 KAR 37:010
Status: Active
Term: 3 years
Description: The Veterans’ Program Trust Fund Board of Directors administers the Veterans’ Program Trust Fund.
Composition: 10 members appointed by the Governor as follows: Comm. of Veterans Affairs; Dep. Comm. of Dept. of Veterans Affairs; members of the Joint Exec. Council of Veterans Organizations of KY and the Governor's Advisory Board for Veterans Affairs; rep. of the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, & AMVETS; 2 at-large members appointed by the Governor. Commissioner shall serve as Chair. Board shall hold election to fill Vice-Chair. An organization shall recommend 2 members for appt., Governor shall appoint 1 of each organization. A member shall be an honorably separated veteran.
Compensation: expenses
Meeting Schedule: The Trust Fund Board of Directors meets several times a year, at the discretion of the chairperson. Meetings are held at KDVA headquarters in Frankfort, and are open to the public
Number of Members: 11
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          Department of Veterans’ Affairs 1111 Louisville Road
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502)-564-9203
Fax: (502)-564-9240


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Arflack, Norman E.3/16/2016Ex-Officio
Henry, Heather FrenchEx-Officio
Fisher, Randall Allen8/18/20177/15/2019Member; Representing the American LegionBourbon
Raiser, Carla Ann8/18/20177/15/2020Member; Representing members at-largeScott
Hedges, Michael Blaine8/18/20177/15/2020Member; Representing the Governor's Advisory Board for VeteransFranklin
Doebler, Joseph D.8/18/20178/18/2017Member; Representing American VeteransJefferson
Jarrett, David Carrier8/18/20177/15/2019Member; Representing Disabled American VeteransHardin
Kaelin, Carl Joseph8/18/20177/15/2020Members; Representing Veterans of Foreign WarsGrayson
Carlos Pugh
Pugh, Carlos8/18/20177/15/2020Member; Representing members at-largeFranklin
Raisler, Carla Ann8/28/20177/15/2020Member; Representing members at-largeScott
Bates, Frederick10/4/20197/15/2022Member, representing the Kentucky National GuardShelby
Rummler, David Clark10/4/20197/15/2020Member, representing the Joint Executive Council of Veterans Organizations of KentuckyJefferson
Fisher, Randall Allen10/4/20197/15/2022Member, representing the American LegionBourbon
Jarrett, David Carrier10/4/20197/15/2022Member, representing Disabled American VeteransHardin

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