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University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Authority: KRS 164.131
Status: Active
Term: 6 years
Chair: Board selects Chair annually.
Description: The UK Board of Trustees is made up of 20 members: 16 members appointed by the Governor, two faculty representatives, one nonteaching personnel representative and one student body representative.
Composition: Board shall consist of 16 members appointed by the Governor, 2 members of the faculty of UK, 1 member of the UK nonteaching personnel, & 1 member of the student body of UK. 3 shall be graduates of the University and may include 1 graduate of the institution who resides outside the Commonwealth, 3 shall be representative of agricultural interests, and 10 shall be distinguished citizen representatives of the learned professions. 4 of the 16 are to be appointed each year. Appointments are to reflect proportional representation of the 2 leading political parties of the State and reflect no less than proportional representation of the minority racial composition. The 2 UK faculty members shall be the rank of assistant professor or above - to be elected by secret ballot by all UK faculty members of the rank of assistant professor or above and shall serve for terms of 3 years. The non-teaching personnel member shall be any full-time staff member, excluding the President, Vice-Presidents, academic deans, and academic department chairpersons - to be elected by secret ballot by the non-teaching employees and shall serve for a term of 3 years. The student member shall be the President of the student body of the university, during the appropriate academic year and may be an out-of-state resident if applicable and shall serve for a term of 1 year beginning with the first meeting of the fiscal year which contains that academic year. Appointees shall not serve more than 2 full consecutive terms.
Compensation: Expenses
Meeting Schedule: Quarterly and as needed
Number of Members: 21
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          101 Main Building University of Kentucky
          Lexington, KY
County: Fayette
Phone: (859)-257-1704
Fax: (859)-257-1760


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Berry III, Claude A.6/26/20156/30/2021MemberHenry
Blonder, Lee X.6/24/20166/30/2019Member; Faculty repFayette
Brockman, Edward Britt8/1/20146/30/2020ChairJefferson
Bryant, Mark P.7/25/20126/30/2018MemberMcCracken
Gatton, Carol Martin (Bill)7/2/2009Honorary Lifetime Trustee
Grant, Cammie DeShields8/1/20146/30/2020MemberClark
Grossman, Robert7/1/20146/30/2017Member; Faculty repFayette
Holland, Kelly Sullivan7/25/20126/30/2018SecretaryFayette
Melanson, Dave6/24/20166/30/2019Member; Staff repFayette
Reid, Rowan 6/24/20167/30/2017Member; Student repJefferson
Shoop, C. Frank6/26/20156/30/2021MemberFayette
Vance, Robert D.8/1/20146/30/2020MemberMason
Young, Barbara7/2/20096/26/2015MemberFayette
Christian, Michael A.8/12/20166/30/2022MemberBoyd
Barber, Jennifer Yue8/12/20166/30/2022MemberJefferson
Shuffett, Sandra Robbin7/13/20176/30/2023MemberJessamine
Ramsey, Derrick 7/13/20176/30/2023MemberFayette
Griffin McCoy, Elizabeth10/17/20176/30/2022MemberChristian
Webb, Rachel Lee7/27/20186/30/2024Member; Alumni Rep.Shelby
Bowen, Joe Rollin8/20/20196/30/2025MemberDaviess
Black, Cathy A.8/20/20196/30/2025MemberBallard
Donahue, Anthony Charles8/20/01986/30/2025MemberPulaski

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