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School Curriculum, Assessment and Accountability Council

Authority: KRS 158.6452
Status: Active
Term: 2 years
Chair: Council shall elect Chair annually.
Description: The School Curriculum, Assessment and Accountability Council is a seventeen-member council created by the 1998 General Assembly to advise the Legislative Research Commission and the Kentucky Board of Education on all issues related to setting academic standards and school assessment and accountability. The Council studies, reviews, and makes recommendations concerning Kentucky’s system of setting academic standards, assessing learning, holding schools accountable for learning, and assisting schools to improve their performances.
Composition: Governor appoints 17 members as follows: 2 parents submitted by organizations representing school councils and parents; 2 teachers submitted by organizations representing teachers; 2 superintendents submitted by organizations representing superintendents; 2 principals submitted from organizations representing school administrators; 2 local school board members submitted by organizations representing school boards; 2 school district assessment coordinators submitted by organizations representing district assessment coordinators; 2 university professors w/ expertise in assessment & measurement; 2 employers in the state submitted by organizations representing business & industry; and 1 at-large member. Governor shall assure broad geographical representation & representation of elementary, middle & secondary school levels; equal representation of the 2 sexes, inasmuch as possible; and reflect the minority racial composition of the Commonwealth. No member shall serve more than 2 consecutive terms.
Compensation: Expenses
Meeting Schedule: Quarterly
Number of Members: 17
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          500 Mero Street, 18th Floor CPT
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502) 564-4394
Fax: (502) 564-5680


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
McGown, Brenda7/24/2012Member; Members At-Large RepresentativeWarren
Gesenhues, Casey Michelle6/6/20176/30/2021Member; Representing teachersCampbell
McDowell, Dale Allen6/6/20176/30/2021Member; Representing principalsMason
Evans, Steven Randall6/6/20176/30/2021Member; Representing school district assessment coordinatorsBoyle
Bruins, Nathan Scott6/6/20176/30/2021Member; Representing exceptional education teachers or administratorsScott
Owens, William6/6/20176/30/2020Member; Representing local school board membersLee
Mitchell, Justin Kyle6/6/20176/30/2020Member; Representing gifted and talatned teachers or administratorsWarren
Bradley, Kelly D6/6/20176/30/2020Member; Representing higher education members with expertise in assessmentFayette
O'Rear, Valarie6/6/20176/30/2019Member; Representing private sector representatives with workforce experienceJefferson
Cusick, Tracey Lynn6/6/20176/30/2019Member; Representing ParentsBoone
Putnam, Jennifer6/6/20176/30/2019Member; Representing science, math, and technology teachersGarrard
Sletto, Shad Michael6/6/20176/30/2019Member; Representing the Education Professional Standards BoardKenton
Collins, Aaron Scott1/19/20186/30/2019Member; Representing SuperintendentsFulton
Nicholas, Teresa Rena5/3/20196/30/2021Member; representing school district assessment coordinatorsPulaski
Trimble, Stephen D.5/3/20196/30/2020Member; representing career and technical programsBoyd
Bumgardner, Taylor12/9/20196/30/2022Member, representing arts and humanities teachersFayette
Burnett, Sarah Lynn12/9/20196/30/2022Member, representing principalsPulaski
Smith, Amy Tarter12/9/20196/30/2022Member, representing early childhood educationPulaski
Putnam, Jennifer12/9/20196/30/2022Member, representing science, technology and math teachersGarrard
Collins, Aaron12/9/20196/30/2022Member, representing superintendentsFulton
Innes, Richard12/9/20196/30/2022Member, representing audit assessment experienceKenton
Jolley, Paula12/9/20196/30/2022Member, representing education policy experienceKenton
Earl, Stacie12/9/20196/30/2022Member, representing parents or private sector membersBoone

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