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Recreational Trails Authority, Kentucky

Authority: KRS 148.795
Status: Active
Term: 4 years
Description: The Kentucky Recreational Trails Authority is charged with the planning and implementing of programs to expand tourism opportunities for off-road activities that are pertinent to non-motorized and motorized vehicle use.
Composition: The Secretary of the Transportation Cabinet, or their designee; The Secretary of the Commerce cabinet, or their designee; the Commissioner of the Depart. of Fish & Wildlife Resources, or their designee; the Secretary of the Justice & Public Safety Cabinet, or their designee; the Secretary of EPPC, or their designee; and the Commissioner of the Dept. of Agriculture, or their designee. Two (2) representatives of the KY Motorcycle Association selected from a list of five (5) nominees selected by the Association; One (1) member of the League of KY's Sportsmen; One (1) member of the KY Council of Area Development Districts; Two (2) members selected from ATV Associations with consideration given to geographic diversity; Two (2) members representing KY Farm Bureau, with consideration to the eastern and western parts of the state; Two (2) members representing the coal industry, with consideration to the eastern & western parts of the state; One (1) member shall be chosen from a KY bicycling organization that is affiliated with either the League of American Bicyclists, the United States Cycling Federation, or the International Mountain Bicycling Association; One (1) member shall be from a KY equine organization that has trail riding as its primary focus; One (1) member shall be chosen from a state or national hiking or backpacking organization; Two (2) members shall be chosen from five (5) persons nominated in writing by the KY Horse Council; One (1) member shall be chosen by the Governor from the public at-large; One (1) member shall be selected from among the county judges/executives of the Commonwealth. A Chairman selected from its members, to be designated by the Governor
Compensation: Expenses
Meeting Schedule: The chairman shall set the agenda, place, and time of meetings, which shall be held a minimum of two (2) times per year and conducted in accordance with the Open Meetings Act, KRS 61.805 to 61.850.
Number of Members: 17
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet Department of Tourism 50 Mero Street, 22nd Floor
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502) 564-4930
Fax: (502) 564-5695


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Bray-Schafer, Linda 12/4/20158/22/2019Member; Representing the public at-largeCampbell
Cantrell, Jimmy A.5/22/20148/22/2017Member; Representing the Kentucky League of SportsmenMorgan
Cardwell, Ronald D.12/4/20158/22/2018Member; Representing the ATV AssociationButler
Cody, Tim 10/31/20138/22/2017Member; Representing the Kentucky Motorcycle AssociationKnott
Coleman, Jerry A.8/13/20158/22/2018Member; Representing the Kentucky Farm Bureau in Western KentuckyBarren
Collins, John Patrick12/4/20158/22/2019Member; Representing Kentucky Bicycle OrganizationsJefferson
Cornett, Roy M.10/31/20138/22/2017Member; Representing the Kentucky Equine OrganizationsScott
Crowley, Dennis E.8/13/20158/22/2018Member; State or National Hiking or Backpacking Organizations RepresentativeJefferson
Johnston, David L.8/13/20158/22/2018MemberOhio
McLain, Walter Preston12/4/20158/22/2019Member; ATV Association RepresentativeHarlan
Mitchell, Tracy D.8/13/20158/22/2018Member; Kentucky Horse Council RepresentativeWarren
Williams, Thomas L.8/13/20158/22/2018Member; Kentucky Motorcycle Association RepresentativeHardin
Thomas, Greg4/12/2016Ex-Officio
Parkinson, Don2/8/2015Ex-Officio
Johnson, GregEx-Officio
Tilley, John12/23/2015Ex-Officio
Snavely, Charles G.12/8/2015Ex-Officio
Quarles, Commissioner Ryan12/2/2015Ex-Officio

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