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Pharmacy & Therapeutics Advisory Committee

Authority: KRS 205.564
Status: Active
Term: 3 years
Chair: Voting members shall elect Chair & Vice-Chair.
Description: The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Advisory Committee consists of twelve gubernatorial appointees and advises the Governor, the secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and the commissioner of the Department for Medicaid Services on development and administration of an outpatient drug formulary.
Composition: 15 members: 2 non-voting members: Medical Director of the Dept for Medicaid Services and a representative of the Dept's pharmacy program designated by the Commissioner of the Department. 13 voting members who shall be physicians currently participating in the Medicaid program who may legally prescribe a broad range of scheduled and non-scheduled drugs, as categorized by the USDEA, or pharmacists who dispense prescriptions to Medicaid recipients, as follows: 3 licensed, practicing family practice physicians; 2 licensed, practicing pediatricians; 1 licensed, practicing ob/gyn or gynecologist; 1 licensed, practicing internal medicine physician who is a primary care provider; 1 licensed, practicing physician from any medical specialty; 2 licensed, practicing psychiatrist, 1 who is a practicing psychiatrist in a community mental health center and 1 from either the U of L School of Medicine, or the UK College of Medicine; and 3 licensed, practicing pharmacists. 1 voting committee member shall be appointed, and may be reappointed, by the Governor from a list of 3 nominees received from the President of the Senate, and 1 voting committee member shall be appointed, and may be reappointed, by the Governor from a list of 3 nominees received from the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The remaining 11 voting committee members shall be appointed, and may be reappointed, by the Governor from a list of nominees submitted by the Department. No member shall serve more than 2 consecutive terms.
Compensation: Expenses
Meeting Schedule: Meet every other month for a total of at least 6 times per year or upon the call of the chair, the secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, or the Governor.
Number of Members: 18
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          Department for Medicaid Services Pharmacy Program 275 E. Main St., 6C-C
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502) 607-8311
Fax: (502) 564-0509


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Borders,  James MD12/7/201511/15/2018Member; Family Practice Physicians Rep.Fayette
McIntosh, Aaron  RPh8/13/201511/15/2017Member; Pharmacists Rep.Woodford
McIntyre, William MD8/13/201511/15/2017Member; Practicing Physicians Rep.Letcher
McTigue, Sean MD3/18/201611/15/2018Member; Pediatricians Rep.Fayette
Peters, Christopher MD12/7/201511/15/2018Psychiatrists Rep.Jefferson
Thornbury, William C. Jr. / MD8/13/201511/15/2017Member; Family Practice PhysiciansBarren
Kouns, Rep. Nicholas8/13/201511/15/2018Member; House of RepresentativesFayette
McKinley, Samantha JD, DC, PharmD
Chapman, Trista
Williams, Leeta
Lovely, David JD
Gilbert, Julie
Taylor, Harris CPhT
Oliver, Charles Robert2/17/201711/15/2019MemberBarren
Moser, Neal MD2/17/201711/15/2019Member; Internal Medician Physicians Rep
Tucker, Andrea M.5/9/20175/9/2020Member; Representing Obstetrician/GynecologistsClark
Sweet, Latonia MD11/20/201711/15/2020Member; Psychiatrists in a Community Mental Health Center Rep.Clark
Story, Melanie Ann MD7/30/201811/15/2020Member; Family Practice Physicians Rep.Shelby
Villalobos, Lindsay MD7/30/201811/15/2020Member; Practicing Pharmacists Rep.Fayette
Thompson, Francis Britt MD2/18/201911/15/2021Member, representing the President of the SenateLaurel
Borders, James Lewis2/18/201911/15/2021Member, representing family practice physiciansScott
Peters, Christopher Kenneth2/18/201911/15/2021Member, representing physiciansJefferson
McTigue, Sean M.2/18/201911/15/2021Member, representing pediatriciansFayette
Zaglul, Horacio Francisco MD2/28/201911/15/2020Member, representing pediatriciansJefferson
McCoy, Holly Kellam10/16/201911/15/2022Member, representing the Speaker of the House of RepresentativesNelson
Moser, Neal J.10/16/201911/15/2022Member, representing internal medicine physiciansKenton
Oliver, Charles Robert10/16/201911/15/2022Member, representing pharmacistsBarren

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