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African-American Heritage Commission, Kentucky

Authority: KRS 171.800 & 171.805
Status: Active
Term: 4 years
Chair: Governor appoints Chair and Vice-Chair.
Description: The Kentucky African-American Heritage Commission consists of seventeen gubernatorial appointees. The Commission preserves and protects all meaningful vestiges of Kentucky’s African-American Heritage.
Composition: 3 ex-officio members as follows: Secretary of Education, Arts & Humanities Cabinet or designee; President of Ky. State University or designee; Director of Heritage Council; 17 members appointed by Governor as follows: 4 members representing institutions of higher education; 1 from preservation community;1 from arts community; and 11 members from the public at-large.
Compensation: expenses
Meeting Schedule: Quarterly
Number of Members: 20
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          300 Washington Street
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502) 564-7005
Fax: (502) 564-5820


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Baker-Wharton, Betty L.3/24/20142/1/2018Public at-large memberTrigg
Bennett, L. Rodney2/6/20152/1/2016MemberFranklin
Coleman, Jr., Samuel R.2/6/20152/1/2019Higher Learning MemberBell
Fowler, Richard B. Rev.1/26/20122/1/2016Public at-large memberCampbell
Gibson, Natalie A.1/8/20132/1/2017Public at-large memberFayette
Gray, Kilen K. Rev.2/6/20152/1/2019Public at-large memberShelby
Nance, Angela R.2/6/20152/1/2018Public at-large memberMarion
Sundy, Carolyn M.2/6/20152/1/2019Public at-large memberHarlan
Turley, Alicestyne2/6/20152/1/2019Public at-large memberMadison
Parkinson, DonEx-Officio
Potts, CraigEx-Officio
Thompson, Dr. Aaron Ex-officio
Kavanaugh, Chester8/13/20192/1/2020Member, representing the public at-largeBoyle
Danso, Loomy8/13/20192/1/2020Member, representing the public at-largeJefferson
Davis, Jamir8/13/20192/1/2021Member, representing preservation communitiesKenton
Travis, Billie Ann8/13/20192/1/2021Member, representing institutions of higher learningScott
Dobson, Betty8/13/20192/1/2021Member, representing the public at-largeMcCracken
Moore, Ronald8/13/20192/1/2022Member, representing institutions of higher learningFranklin
Harbut, Cordelia8/13/20192/1/2022Member, representing the public at-largeFayette
Gibson, Natalie8/13/20192/1/2022Member, representing institutions of higher learningWoodford
Fowler, Richard 9/16/20192/1/2020Member, representing the public at-largeCampbell
Bennett, Lawrence8/13/20192/1/2020Member, representing the public at-largeFranklin
Baker-Wharton, Betty8/13/20192/1/2022Member, representing the public at-largeTrigg
Crenshaw, Angela Rebecca9/16/20192/1/2022Member, representing the arts communityMarion
Sundy, Carolyn8/13/20192/1/2023Member, representing the public at-largeHarlan
Gray, Kilen 8/13/20192/1/2023Member, representing the public at-largeShelby
Coleman, Samuel8/13/20192/1/2023Member, representing institutions for higher learningBell
Turley, Alicestyne8/13/20192/1/2023Member, representing the public at-largeMadison

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