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Native-American Heritage Commission

Authority: KRS 171.820
Status: Active
Term: 4 years
Chair: Governor appoints Chair and Vice-Chair.
Description: The Native-American Heritage Commission consists of 17 members from different regions of the state. The focus of the commission is to promote awareness of significant Native-American influence within the historical and cultural experiences of Kentucky as well as educate and communicate the rich diversity and heritage of Native-Americans in Kentucky. The commission leads and assists individuals, organizations and communities in understanding the needs and concerns of Kentucky's Native-American population and advocates Native-American participation within the commonwealth.
Composition: The members of the commission shall consist of 17 members who derive from geographically diverse areas of the state and who represent various heritage interests as follows: The Secretary of the Education, Arts, and Humanities Cabinet, or the Secretary's designee; 3 members from institutions of higher learning; 2 members from the preservation or archeological communities; 1 member from the arts community; and 10 members from the public-at-large, eight (8) of whom shall be of Native American heritage. These members shall be appointed by the Governor, and the Governor shall appoint a Chair and Vice-Chair of the Commission. The Commission may elect by majority vote other officers deemed necessary.
Compensation: Expenses
Meeting Schedule: The commission shall meet at least3 times per year. Notice of the time and location of each meeting shall be provided in writing to each member at least10 days in advance of the meeting.
Number of Members: 13
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          300 Washington Street
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502)564-7005
Fax: (502)564-5820


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Arnett, Angela M.12/23/20139/1/2017MemberLincoln
Danser, Helen9/10/20159/1/2019ChairJackson
Dunn, Michael10/2/20149/1/2018MemberJefferson
Jessie, Deanna11/4/20159/1/2017Member; Citizen at-largeCarter
Mullins, Susan11/4/20159/1/2019MemberMadison
Pollack, David Ph.D.12/23/20139/1/2017MemberFayette
Robinson, Christopher A.10/2/20149/1/2018MemberMadison
Wood, Anne9/10/20159/1/2019MemberFayette
Parkinson, Secretary Don12/8/2015Ex-officio
Defler, Clark H.12/12/201710/1/2020Member; representing the public-at-largeKenton
Evans, Venus12/12/201710/1/2020Member; representing the public-at-largeJefferson
Simpson, Jordan Tyler12/12/201710/1/2021Member; representing the public-at-largeLincoln
Thompson, Valerie J.12/12/201710/1/2021Member; representing the public-at-largeLincoln
Richardson, William3/22/20199/1/2022Member, representing the public at-largeFayette
Sizemore, James3/22/20199/1/2022Member, representing the public at-largeClay
Venter, Marcie3/22/20199/1/2019Member, representing institutions for higher learningCalloway
Henderson, Gwynn3/22/20199/1/2020Member, representing institutions for higher learningFayette
Cropper, Dwight3/22/20199/1/2020Member, representing the preservation of archaeological communitiesGreenup
Pollack, David3/22/20199/1/2021Member, representing the preservation of archaeoligical communitiesFayette
Jessie, Deanna3/22/20199/1/2022Member, representing the public at-largeCarter
Dunn, Michael3/22/20199/1/2022Member, representing the public at-largeJefferson
Robinson, Christopher3/22/20199/1/2022Member, representing institutions of higher learningMadison
Danser, Helen L.8/23/20199/1/2023MemberJackson
Wood, Anne L.8/23/20199/1/2023MemberFayette
Venter, Marcie L.8/23/20199/1/2023MemberCalloway
Mullins, Susan 8/23/20199/1/2023MemberMadison

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