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Motor Vehicle Commission

Authority: KRS 190.058 & EO 2008-502
Status: Active
Term: 3 years
Chair: Chair and Vice-Chair are selected by Commission.
Description: The Motor Vehicle Commission is made up of 11 gubernatorial appointees. The commission is responsible for regulating the licensing and conduct of motor vehicle dealers, salespeople, manufacturers, distributors and their representatives within the commonwealth. The commission also provides protection of consumers’ rights by investigating complaints about dealerships and issuing administrative citations to dealers who fail to comply with the laws governing motor vehicle sales.
Composition: 1 member shall be the Commissioner of the Dept. of Vehicle Regulation - 12 members appointed by the Governor as follows: 1 rep. of anautomobile manufacturer; 1 rep. of automobile wholesalers; 2 rep. of consumers who shall have no direct financial interest in the industry; 4 new motor vehicle dealers (but no more than 2 shall represent the same auto manufacturer as a franchise dealer); 4 used motor vehicle dealers. No more than 7 members shall be from the same political party; from the 8 new & used motor vehicle dealers, 7 shall be from separate Supreme Court Districts.
Compensation: $200 per day and expenses
Meeting Schedule: The commission shall have regular meetings as the majority of the members specifies and special meetings at the request of any five (5) members.
Number of Members: 10
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          105 Sea Hero Road, Suite 1
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502)-573-1000
Fax: (502)-573-1003


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Coldiron, Charles J.6/24/20157/1/2018Member; 3rd Supreme Court District & Used Motor Vehicle Dealers Rep.Pulaski
Dotson, Doug6/24/20157/1/2018Marshall
Farmer, Delbert T.6/28/20147/1/2017MemberJefferson
Blanton, Kenneth6/24/20147/1/2017Member; Used Motor Dealers Rep.Greenup
Coldiron, Charles J.6/24/20157/1/2018MemberPulaski
Cottrell, Raymond Sr.6/24/20157/1/2018ChairMeade
Dotson, Doug6/24/20157/1/2018Vice-ChairMarshall
Shoop, Josephine L.6/26/20147/1/2017Member; Automobile wholesalers repFranklin
Jackson, Ron L.6/26/20147/1/2017MemberFranklin
Hack, John-MarkEx-Officio

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