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Arts, Board of Directors of the Kentucky Center for the

Authority: KRS 153.410
Status: Active
Term: 4 years
Chair: Chair designated by the Governor.
Description: The Board of Directors of the Kentucky Center for the Arts supervise construction of the Kentucky Center for the Arts, consult and enters into agreements with other segments of the arts and entertainment industry that are consistent with the mission. The Board of Directors promotes growth and development of the arts, convention trade, tourism and the hotel industry within Jefferson County and the commonwealth through utilization of the Kentucky Center and activities authorized to enhance these and public interest.
Composition: Governor appoints 15 members who represent metropolitan Louisville and Kentucky.
Compensation: expenses
Meeting Schedule: Quarterly
Number of Members: 18
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          The Kentucky Center 501 West Main Street
          Louisville, KY
County: Jefferson
Phone: (502) 562-0100
Fax: (502) 562-0105


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Abramson, Madeline M.7/24/20124/29/2016ChairJefferson
Boden, Chenault "Ceci" Conway7/11/20144/29/2018MemberJefferson
Merrick, Bruce C.6/4/20154/29/2019MemberJefferson
Nixon, Mary R.7/11/20144/29/2018SecretaryJefferson
Woodside, Daniel E.7/11/20144/29/2018TreasurerJefferson
Barnum, Laura Melillo9/9/20164/29/2019MemberJefferson
Hill, Kristen Webb9/9/20164/29/2020MemberJefferson
Parkinson, Elizabeth Gump9/9/20164/29/2020MemberJefferson
Turner, Tierra Kavanaugh8/29/20174/29/2021MemberJefferson
Hall, Donna8/29/20174/29/2021MemberFayette
Frazier, Sandra8/29/20174/29/2017MemberJefferson
Baez, Lourdes C.3/6/20184/29/2020MemberJefferson
Forcht, Marion C.Member
Nixon, Mary R.Secretary
Woodside, Daniel E.Treasurer
Latts, Kate S.9/17/20194/29/2022MemberJefferson
Harshaw, Paula 9/17/20194/29/2023MemberJefferson
Street, Lindy B.9/17/20194/29/2023MemberJefferson
Owen, Douglas H. III9/17/20194/29/2021MemberJefferson
Kosse, B. Jeffry9/17/20194/29/2021MemberJefferson
Merrick, Bruce C.9/17/20194/29/2023MemberJefferson
Barnum, Laura Melillo9/17/20194/29/2023MemberJefferson
Leet, Angela C.9/25/20194/29/2023MemberJefferson

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