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Medical Licensure, State Board of

Authority: KRS 311.530
Status: Active
Term: 4 years
Description: The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure is composed of fifteen members, eleven of whom are appointed by the Governor. The Board is responsible for protecting the public by ensuring that only qualified medical and osteopathic physicians are licensed and initiating appropriate disciplinary action when violations of the Medical Practice Act occur. In addition, the Board regulates the practice of Physician Assistants, Surgical Assistants, Athletic Trainers and Acupuncturists in the Commonwealth.
Composition: Ex-officio's: Commissioner of Public Health, and Dean of UK College of Medicine, Dean of U of L School of Medicine, & the Dean of Pikeville College School of Osteopathic Medicine. 11 members appointed by Governor as follows: 1 licensed osteopathic physician from 3 names submitted by KY Osteopathic Assoc., 7 licensed medical physicians from 3 names for each position submitted by the KY Medical Assoc., and 3 shall be citizens at-large who are representatives of any recognized consumer advocacy groups with an interest in the delivery of health care and are not associated with or financially interested in the practice or business regulated.
Compensation: $100
Meeting Schedule: Quarterly; Typically scheduled the third or fourth Thursday of the month. The Board meets March, June, September and December.
Number of Members: 15
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          310 Whittington Parkway, Suite 1B
          Louisville, KY
County: Jefferson
Phone: (502)-429-7150
Fax: (502-)429-7158


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Nunnelly, Dr. Preston P. MD3/28/20138/31/2016PresidentFayette
Bruser, Dr. Boyd DOEx-Officio
Ganzel, Dr. Toni M. MDEx-Officio
DeBeer, Dr. Frederick C. MDEx-Officio
Fletcher, Michael E.9/2/20168/31/2020Member; representing licensed medical physiciansKenton
Whitehouse, Richard8/14/20178/31/2020Member; Representing Citizens At-LargeJefferson
Payne, Kenneth8/14/20178/31/2020Member; Representing Licensed Medical PhysiciansJefferson
Shuffett, Sandra9/5/20178/31/2021Member; representing Kentucky Medical AssociationJessamine
Daniels, Caren L.8/27/20188/31/2022Member; representing the Kentucky Medical AssociationRowan
Wallace, David W.8/27/20188/31/2022Member; representing the Kentucky Medical Association
Turner, Kristin Ann9/17/20188/31/2022Member; Representing citizens at-largeCampbell
Williamson, Philip Daniel1/3/20198/31/2021Member, representing citizens at-largeCampbell
Webb, Bill A.9/17/20198/31/2023Member, representing the Kentucky Osteopathic Medical AssociationPike
Schroer, Mark A.9/17/20198/31/2023Member, representing the Kentucky Medical AssociationCampbell
Thornbury, William Chase12/3/20198/31/2022Member, representing the Kentucky Medical AssociationBarren

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