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Medical Assistance, Advisory Council for

Authority: KRS 205.540
Status: Active
Term: 4 years
Description: The Advisory Council for Medical Assistance is made up of eighteen members, seventeen are gubernatorial appointees. The council advises the secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and the commissioner for Medicaid services on the administration and operation of the medical assistance program.
Composition: Ex-officio: Secretary for Health Services. Governor appoints 17 members: 1 member each from list of three names submitted by the following organizations: KY Medical Assoc.; KY Dental Assoc.; KY Hospital Assoc.; KY Pharmacists Assoc.; KY Assoc. of Health Care Facilities; KY Nurses' Assoc.; State Board of Podiatry; KY Home Health Assoc.; KY Optometric Assoc; and the KY Assoc. of Nonprofit Homes and Services for the Aging, Inc. The other 7 members shall be healthcare advocates knowledgeable about health care and the health-care industry, and shall include 3 medical assistance recipients, 1 rep. of a recognized consumer advocacy group representing the elderly; and 3 reps. of recognized consumer advocacy groups whose membership includes low-income persons, children and youth, women, minorities, and disabled persons. No consumer member of the council shall have a fiduciary relationship or interest in any health-care facility or service.
Compensation: Expenses
Meeting Schedule: The council shall hold a meeting at least once every three (3) months and such other special or regular meetings as may be desired.
Number of Members: 18
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          Cabinet for Health Services 275 East Main Street
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502 )564-7042
Fax: 502) 564-7091


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Partin, Elizabeth7/29/20154/15/2018Chair; KY Nurses Association RepresentativeAdair
Roark, Peggy S.7/29/20154/15/2018Member; Medical Assistance Recipients RepresentativeJessamine
Van Lahr, Jonathan1/8/20134/15/2016Member; KY Pharmacists Association RepresentativeBreckinridge
Wight, Erin W.6/24/20154/15/2019Member; Medical Assistance Recipients RepresentativeJefferson
Glisson, Vickie Yates Brown12/8/2015Ex-Officio
Carle, Chris G.3/14/20174/15/2020Member; KY Hospital Association RepresentativeKenton
Spivey, Julie K.3/14/20174/15/2020Member; Kentucky Pharmacist Association RepresentativeFayette
Trumbo, Jay H.3/14/20174/15/2020Member; Kentucky Association of Health Care RepresentativeJefferson
Currans, Sheila Marshall5/26/20174/15/2020Member; Women RepresentativeHarrison
Stewart, Susan Scott5/26/20174/15/2021Member; Kentucky Home Health Association RepresentativePerry
Gupta, Ashima5/26/20174/15/2021Member; Kentucky Medical Association RepresentativeJefferson
Compton, Steven5/26/20174/15/2021Member; Kentucky Optometric Association RepresentativeSimpson
Riley, Susie J.5/26/20174/15/2020Member; KY Dental Association RepresentativeJefferson
Marsh, Gary R.5/26/20174/15/2020Member; KY Association of Nonprofit Home & Services for the Aging RepresentativeOldham
Stafford, Melody 9/1/20174/15/2020Member; representing consumer advocacy groupsOwen
Schult, William9/1/20174/15/2020Member; representing consumer advocacy groupsKenton
Watkins, Stacey9/1/20174/15/2020Member; representing the elderlyFayette
Roberts, Jerry9/1/20174/15/2017Member; representing the Kentucky Board of PodiatryPulaski
Aldridge, Teresa9/1/20174/15/2020Member; representing the Medical Equipment Suppliers AssociationTaylor
Wright, Eric6/7/20184/15/2019Member; Representing medical assistance recipientsJefferson

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