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Louisville/Jefferson County Air Board

Authority: KRS 183.132(6)(c)
Status: Active
Term: 4 years
Description: An 11-member Board of Directors that sets policy, approves the budget and hires the executive director, who serves as the organization's chief executive officer, governs the Authority. The Board is comprised of the Mayor of Louisville, seven mayoral appointees, and three gubernatorial appointees-one of which is a member of the Airport Neighbors Alliance Executive Committee. The board members serve four-year rotating terms without compensation.
Composition: An air board consisting of eleven (11) members and established or maintained by a consolidated local government upon its establishment shall be composed of members as follows: The mayor of the consolidated local government; Seven (7) members appointed by the mayor of the consolidated local government; Two (2) members who shall be residents of the county containing the consolidated local government or residents of counties contiguous to the county containing the consolidated local government, appointed by the Governor; and One (1) member who shall be a member of the executive board of an incorporated alliance of incorporated neighborhood associations and fifth or sixth class cities which represents citizens living within a five (5) mile radius of airport operations, appointed by the Governor. If more than one (1) incorporated alliance exists, the Governor shall select the appointee from the executive boards of any of the incorporated alliances. If no alliances exist, the Governor shall appoint a citizen of the county who resides within a five (5) mile radius of airport operations.
Compensation: Expenses
Meeting Schedule: Monthly
Number of Members: 11
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          PO Box 9129
          Louisville, KY
County: Jefferson
Phone: (502) 368-6524
Fax: (502) 367-0199


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Boden, Dale3/12/20152/28/2019MemberJefferson
Evans, Mary Rose7/18/20147/15/2018MemberJefferson
Jackson, Nikki9/10/20157/15/2019MemberJefferson
Jones, Earl Jr.4/1/20124/1/2016MemberJefferson
Meyer, Jon5/14/20157/15/2019MemberJefferson
Seibert, Lesa9/12/20137/15/2017MemberJefferson
Trager, Steven8/13/20127/15/2016MemberJefferson
Welch, James Jr.9/12/20137/15/2017MemberJefferson
Fischer, GregoryEx-OfficioJefferson
Byrley, William J.9/2/20167/15/2020MemberJefferson
MacDonald, Patrick DeWitt8/14/20176/15/2021Member;Jefferson

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