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Law Enforcement Council, Kentucky

Authority: KRS 15.315
Status: Active
Term: 4 years
Description: The Kentucky Law Enforcement Council is a 20 member body, 12 of whom are appointed by the governor. The council governs training for all of the state’s law enforcement. It looks for ways to increase the quality of law enforcement by improving the curriculum used to train law enforcement officials and monitoring the abilities of the instructors who teach the required curriculum.
Composition: Ex-officio's: Attorney General; Commissioner of Dept. of State Police; Directors of the Southern Police Institute of U of L; the Dean of the College of Law Enforcement of Eastern Kentucky University; Pres. of KY Peace Officers Assoc.; Pres. of KY Assoc. of Chiefs of Police; KY Pres. of Fraternal Order of Police; and the President of the KY Sheriffs' Assoc. The United States attorneys for the Eastern and Western Districts of Kentucky may confer and designate a local law enforcement liaison who shall serve on the council in an advisory capacity only without voting privileges. Each ex officio member may designate in writing a person to represent him or her and to vote on his or her behalf. 12 members appointed by the Governor from the following classifications: 1 city manager or mayor; a county judge/exec; 3 KY sheriffs; 1 member of the Kentucky State Bar Assoc.; 5 chiefs of police, and a citizen of KY not coming within the foregoing classifications. No member may serve on the Council with the dual membership as the representative of more than one of the aforementioned groups or the holder of more than one.
Compensation: None
Meeting Schedule: As needed
Number of Members: 20
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          521 Lancaster Ave., EKU, Funderbunk Building
          Richmond,, KY
Phone: (859) 622-6218
Fax: (859) 622-5943


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Cain, Keith R.7/25/20147/1/2018Member, Sheriff's RepresentativeDaviess
Hall, Wayne7/24/20127/1/2016Member; Chief of Police RepresentativeJefferson
Holloway, Dometrius10/28/20157/1/2019Member; Kentucky Bar Association Members RepresentativeJefferson
Reed, Phillip 8/5/20157/1/2016Member; Chief of Police RepresentativePike
Ward, John Michael II10/28/20157/1/2019Member; Chief of Police RepresentativeCampbell
Boggs, PatrickEx-Officio
Cline, Joseph S.Ex-Officio
Coleman, ShawnEx-Officio; Lexington Training Academy
Conrad, SteveEx-Officio; Louisville Metro Training Academy
Kappeler, VictorEx-Officio
Kubala, FrankEx-Officio
Love, AllenEx-Officio
Miller, ScottEx-Officio
Moberly, JohnEx-Officio
Perdue,  Berl Jr.Ex-Officio
Shain, CindyEx-Officio
Stickler, BenEx-Officio
Jones, Michael D.8/9/20167/1/2019Member; Representing Chiefs of PoliceKenton
Bosse, Michael D.8/9/20167/1/2020Member; Representing Chiefs of PoliceJessamine
Schiller, Tracy A.8/9/20167/1/2020Member; Representing Chiefs of PoliceHardin
Ealum, Arthur E.8/9/20167/1/2020Member; Representing Chiefs of PoliceDaviess
Doyle, Shane8/16/20187/1/2022Member; representing sheriffs
Walters, Sherry8/16/20187/1/2022Member; representing citizens
Coyle, William Michael2/12/20197/1/2022Member, representing sheriffsMadison
Dills, Charles Edward II2/12/20197/1/2019Member, representing county judge executivesGrant
Dieruf, William C.2/12/20197/1/2019Member, representing mayorsJefferson
Lucas, Anthony J.3/22/20197/1/2019Member, representing chiefs of policeKenton

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