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Land Stewardship & Conservation Task Force

Department: Kentucky Conservation Committee
Authority: HCR 93-2008
Status: Active
Term: The task force shall serve for a period of two years.
Description: The task force will now try and take the best aspects of these other states' programs and mold them into one that will be best for Kentucky's needs. A coordinated Stewardship and Conservation Program will provide funds for the protection of not only sensitive ecosystems, but also lands with recreation, education, and scenic value as well as working lands such as woodlands and working farms. Perhaps most importantly, it will provide a clearly defined procedure for receiving funds and dispersing them in a systematic manner in order to make the most of our resources. The Task Force is a diverse one and includes representation from environmental, sportsman and conservation groups as well as industry and commercial interests. Its goal is to have “Conserve Kentucky” in place by 2010.
Composition: The task force shall be composed of the following members: one member of the House of Representatives, appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives; one member of the Senate, appointed by the President of the Senate; the secretary of the Cabinet for Environmental and Public Protection or the secretary's designee; and one member from each of the following organizations and agencies, to be appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives: the Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund, the Kentucky Conservation Committee, the League of Kentucky Sportsmen, the Kentucky Resources Council, the Sierra Club, the Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, the Kentucky League of Cities; and one member of each of the following organizations and agencies to be appointed by the President of the Senate: the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission, the Kentucky PACE program, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, the Kentucky Woodland Owners Association, the Kentucky Farm Bureau, the Kentucky Home Builders Association, the Kentucky Department of Parks, and the Kentucky Association of Counties. Four at-large members shall be appointed by the Governor.
Meeting Schedule: The task force shall meet no fewer than six times or until its tasks have been completed.
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          P.O. Box 1152
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502) 209-9659


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