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Juvenile Justice Advisory Board

Authority: KRS 15A.065
Status: Active
Term: 4 years
Chair: The Chair shall be elected by the Board.
Description: The Juvenile Justice Advisory Board develops program criteria for early juvenile intervention, diversion, and prevention projects.The Board was created under the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Act of 1974. The Board consists of no less than fifteen and no more then thirty-three members.
Composition: Membership shall consist of no fewer than 15 persons and no more than 33 persons who have training, experience, or special knowledge concerning the prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency or the administration of juvenile justice. A majority of the members shall not be full-time employees of any federal, state, or local government, and at least 1/5 of the members shall be under the age of 24 years at the time of appointment. The membership shall include: 3 current or former participants in the juvenile justice system; an employee of the Dept of Juvenile Justice; an employee of CHFS; a person operating alternative detention programs; an employee of the Dept of Education; an employee of the Dept of Public Advocacy; an employee of the Administrative Office of the Courts; a rep from a private non-profit organization w/ an interest in youth services; a rep from a local juvenile delinquency prevention council; a member of the Circuit Judges Assoc; a member of the District Judges Assoc; a member of the County Attorneys Assoc; a member of the County Judge/Executives Assoc; a person from the business community not associated w/ any other group listed in this section; a parent not associated w/ any other group listed in this section; a youth advocate not associated w/ any other group listed in this section; a victim of a crime committed by a person under the age of 18 not associated w/ any other group listed in this section; a local school district special education administrator not associated w/ any other group listed in this section; a peace officer not associated w/ any other group listed in this section; and a college or university professor specializing in law, criminology, corrections, psychology, or similar discipline w/ an interest in juvenile corrections programs. Failure of any member to attend 3 meetings within a calendar year shall be deemed a resignation from the board. The Board Chair shall notify the Governor of any vacancy and submit recommendation for appointments.
Compensation: expenses
Meeting Schedule: 6 times per year, every other month
Number of Members: 33
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          1025 Capital Center Drive, 3rd Floor
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502) 573-2738
Fax: (502) 573-4308


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Bingham, Rachel9/22/2011Member; Administrative Office of the CourtsFranklin
Bingham, Rachel10/2/20159/15/2019Member; Administrative Office of the CourtsFranklin
Clutter, Mary Lou9/22/2011Member; AdvocateFayette
Clutter, Mary Lou10/2/20159/15/2019Member; Advocate
Douglas, Robert3/6/2012Member; AdvocateKenton
Douglas, Robert9/19/20149/15/2018Member; AdvocateKenton
Harl, Chelsea9/19/20149/15/2018Member; Youth Advocate
Kilgore, Michelle 10/2/20159/15/2019Member; Department of Mental Health/Intellectual DisabilitiesFranklin
Lewis, Jacinda10/2/20159/15/2019Vice-ChairAnderson
Milliken, Amy9/19/20149/15/2018Member; Warren County AttorneyWarren
Prater, Jan'a10/2/20159/15/2019Member; Youth AdvocateFayette
Milliken, Amy8/13/2010Member; Warren County AttorneyWarren
Taylor, Elizabeth9/19/20139/15/2017MemberAnderson
Westrom, Susan10/10/20129/15/2016Member; LegislatorFayette
Whethers, Gerina10/2/20159/15/2019Member; Youth AdvocateJefferson
Dickie, Ida7/6/20179/15/2020Member; Representing College or University ProfessorsJefferson
Pedigo, Paula Ratliff7/6/20179/15/2020Member; Representing the Business CommunityWarren
Stiltner, Ricky7/6/20179/15/2020Member; Representing the County Judge/Executives AssociationMenifee
Cockerell, Carey7/6/20179/15/2020Member; Representing an employee of the Department of Juvenile JusticeScott
Gordon, Dalton7/6/20179/15/2019Member; Representing current/former participantsDaviess
Jones, Gregory Joseph12/5/20189/15/2021Member; Representing peace officersKenton
Edwards, Glenda Mae7/6/20179/15/2020Member; Representing the Department of Public AdvoacyGreen
Wright, Glenda 8/23/20179/15/2020Member; Representing youth under 24Fayette
Galloway, Cameron Jamar8/23/20179/15/2020Member; Representing youth under 24Madison
Palmer, Edward Louis8/23/20179/15/2021Member; Representing private non-profit organizationsHardin
Bardonaro, Alexys1/19/20189/15/2020Member; Representing youth under 24Fayette
Ward, Julie Reinhardt1/19/20189/15/2020Member; Representing the Circuit Judges AssociationCampbell
Krueger, Maggie M.1/19/20189/15/2021Member; Representing parentsAdair
Minor, Jontae 1/19/20189/15/2021Member; Representing youth under 24Hopkins
Byer, Joan Lisa12/5/20189/15/2021Member; Representing youth advocatesJefferson
Oakley, Michelle1/19/20189/15/2019Member; Representing local school distrcit special education administratorsShelby
Miller,  Justin D.1/19/20189/15/2021Member; Representing current or former participants in the juvenile justice systemJefferson
Shumate, Kimberly1/19/20189/15/2021Member; Representing District Hudges AssociationHardin
Weeter, Christina1/19/20189/15/2021Member; Representing Department of Education EmployeesJefferson
Gardner, Shelby Taylor12/5/20189/15/2021Member; Representing youth under the age of 24Jefferson
DeJarnatt, Rebecca K.5/30/20189/15/2021Member; Representing local juvenile delinquency prevention councilsJefferson
Scott, George S.12/5/20189/15/2021Member; Representing former juvenile system participantsJefferson
Cutter, Mary Lou5/30/20189/15/2019Member; Representing a parent not associated with any other groupFayette
Christman, Justin D.5/30/20189/15/2020Member; Representing youth under 24Jefferson
Kelly, Natalie C.12/5/20189/15/2019Member, representing the Cabinet for Health and Family ServicesWoodford
Hawkins, Eric J.12/5/20189/15/2021Member, representing volunteers who work with delinquent or potential delinquent youthJefferson
Gomes, Joseph M.3/22/20199/15/2022Member, representing persons operating alternatives to detention programsMontgomery

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