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Archives and Records Commission, State

Authority: KRS 171.420
Status: Active
Term: 4 years
Chair: State Librarian
Description: The State Archives and Records Commission advices the Department for Libraries and Archives on matters relating to archives and records management. The commission shall have the authority to review and approve schedules for retention and destruction of records submitted by state and local agencies. In all cases, the commission shall determine questions which relate to destruction of public records, and their decision shall be binding on the parties concerned and final, except that the commission may reconsider or modify its actions upon the agreement of a simple majority of the membership present and voting
Composition: Governor appoints 17 member body constituted as follows: Chairman - State Librarian, Ex-officio: Secretary of Education & Humanities Cabinet, Auditor of Public Accounts, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Director of LRC, Attorney General, Director of Office of Policy and Management, and the Chief Information Officer, or their designees; 1 member appointed from each of the following from a list of 3 submitted by: President of UK, President of Ky. Historical Society, President of Ky. Library Assoc., 1 from a list of 7 with 1 name submitted by each of the Presidents of the State Universities and Colleges; 1 from a list of 3 with 1 name submitted by each of the Presidents of the Ky. League of Cities, KY Assoc. of Counties, and KY Assoc. Of School Administrators; and 4 citizens at-large.
Compensation: Expenses
Meeting Schedule: The Commission meets in Frankfort, but the commission may, by majority vote, hold special or regular meetings in other locations when the work of the commission would be facilitated thereby. The Commission shall hold not less than four (4) meetings during each calendar year and may hold such special meetings as may be necessary to transact the business of the Commission. All meetings shall be called by the chairman, or when requested in writing by any two (2) members of the Commission.
Number of Members: 17
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          Kentucky Dept. of Library and Archives 300 Coffeetree Road
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502) 564-8300
Fax: (502) 564-5773


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Belding, Richard N.10/31/20139/21/2017Member; citizen at-largeFayette
Birdwhistell, Dr. Terry L.10/31/20139/21/2017Member; University of Kentucky repFayette
Hamperian, Roger K.10/31/20139/21/2017Member; citizen at-largeFayette
Bell, Mary Margaret10/31/20139/21/2017Member; citizen at-largeJefferson
Jones, Louise T.3/5/20142/10/2018Member; KY Historical Society repFranklin
Onkst, Commissioner WayneChair
Rogers, Jeremy S.10/31/20139/21/2017Member; citizen at-largeJefferson
Schroeder, David E.8/13/20158/14/2019Member; KY Library Assoc. repKenton
Gregory, David L.10/31/20139/21/2017Member; Regional Colleges & Universities repRowan
Heiner, Commissioner HalEx-officio
Harmon, Auditor MikeEx-officio
Frazier,  Jennifer Ex-officio
Byerman, DavidEx-officio
Beshear, AndyEx-officio
Chilton, John E.Ex-officio
Barnhart, JimEx-officio
Manuel, Terry7/26/2018Member; State Librarian Rep.Franklin
Montell, Brad7/26/2018Member; Secretary of Education and Workforce Development Cabinet Rep.Franklin
Wilson, Alice7/26/2018Member; Auditor of Public Accounts Rep.Franklin
Frazier, Jennifer7/26/2018Member; State Law Librarian Rep.Franklin
Smith, Leslie 7/26/2018Member; Legislative Research commission Rep.
Slone, Gordon7/26/2018Member; Attorney General Rep.Franklin
Morgan, Zach7/26/2018Member; Executive Director of the Kentucky Military Heritage CommissionFranklin
Grindle, Chuck7/26/2018Member; Executive Director of the Commonwealth Office of Technology Rep.
Hurley, Amanda7/26/2018Member; President of the Kentucky Association of School Librarians Rep.Fayette
Alvey, Scott7/26/2018Member; Executive Director of the Kentucky Historical Society Rep.Franklin
Griffith, Tara7/26/2018Member; Executive Director of the Kentucky Library Association Rep.Warren
Burdette, Ilona7/26/2018Member; Council on Postsecondary Education Rep.Franklin
Unker, Christi Garner7/26/20187/14/2022Member; Library users with disabilities Rep.Oldham
Cobb, Connie7/26/20187/14/2022Member; Library users At-Large Rep,Scott
Jackson, Shamara7/26/2018Member; Library Users At-Large Rep.Fayette
Ebert, James7/26/20187/14/2022Member; Kentucky League of Cities Rep.Madison
Barnhart, James E.9/14/2018Member, representing the Commonwealth Office of TechnologyFayette
Tate, Debbra F.9/14/2108Member, representing the Kentucky Library AssociationFayette
Petter, Farrah Kathleen12/7/2018Member, representing the Auditor of Public AccountsJefferson

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