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Administrative Law Judges - Department of Workers Claims

Authority: KRS 342.230(3)
Status: Active
Term: 4 years
Description: Administrative Law Judges in the Department of Workers Claims conduct hearings, supervise the presentation of evidence, and render final decision, orders, or awards on cases presented before them. These judges may, in receiving evidence, make rulings affecting the competency, relevancy and materiality of the evidence about to be presented and upon motions presented during the taking of evidence as will expedite the preparation of the case.
Composition: Governor appoints not more than 19 administrative law judges with the consent of the Senate. Each shall be an attorney and shall have 5 years experience in the Commonwealth in the practice of workers' compensation law or a related field, and extensive knowledge of workers' compensation law. Governor shall appoint the judges from a list of 3 names for each position submitted by the Workers' Compensation Nominating Commission. One of the administrative law judges shall be appoint as Chief Administrative Law Judge.
Compensation: Salary same as Circuit Judge - Chief ALJ (additional $3,000.00)
Meeting Schedule: Full-time position
Number of Members: 17
Needs Senate Confirmation: Yes
          657 Chamberlin Avenue
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502) 564-5550
Fax: (502) 564-5732


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Case, R. Roland10/11/201312/31/2017ALJPike
Coleman, John B.10/11/201312/31/2017ALJPike
Davis, Marc Christopher11/4/201512/31/2019ALJJefferson
Gott, Douglas W.11/4/201512/31/2019ALJWarren
Kinney, Stephanie L.11/6/201412/31/2017ALJJefferson
Miller, Jeanie Owen10/11/201312/31/2017ALJDaviess
Pullin, Tanya 12/15/201512/31/2019ALJGreenup
Roark, Grant S.11/4/201512/31/2019ALJJefferson
Weatherby, Jonathan 11/4/201512/31/2019ALJFayette
Williams, Jane Rice5/11/20167/14/2020ALJLaurel
Dye, Brent E.12/21/20167/14/2020ALJHardin
Neal, Richard E.12/21/20167/14/2020ALJJefferson
Hajjar, Christina Ditty12/21/201612/31/2019ALJBoyd
McCracken, John H.12/26/201612/31/2019ALJJefferson
Rice-Smith, Monica12/26/201612/31/2019ALJLeslie
Layson, Jefferson V. III5/30/20177/14/2020MemberWarren
Harvey, W. Greg5/30/201712/31/2017MemberWarren
Davis, Marc Christopher10/15/201912/31/2023Jefferson
Gott, Douglas W.10/15/201912/31/2023Warren
Hajjar, Christina Ditty10/15/201912/31/2023Boyd
McCracken, John Hampton10/15/201912/31/2023Warren
Roark, Grant Stewart10/15/201912/31/2023Jefferson
Rice-Smith, Monica10/15/201912/31/2023Leslie
Weatherby, Jonathan Robert10/15/201912/31/2023Fayette

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