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Intellectual Disabilities & Other Develomental Disabilities, KY Commission on

Authority: KRS 210.575
Status: Active
Term: 4 years
Chair: Secretary of CHFS shall serve as Chair.
Description: The Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the Governor and the General Assembly concerning the needs of persons with mental retardation and other developmental disabilities through developing a statewide strategy to increase access to community-based services and supports for persons with intellectual disabilities and other developmental disabilities.
Composition: Secretary of CHFS; Commissioner of Dept for Behavioral Health, Development and Intellectual Disabilities.; Commissioner of Dept for Medicaid Services; Exexcutive Dirrector of the Office of Voc. Rehab.; Director of the University Affiliated Program at the Interdisciplinary Human Development Institute of UK; Director of KY Council on Developmental Disabilities; 2 members of the Senate (appointed by the Senate Pres.; 2 members of the House (appointed by the Speaker of the House); and public members appointed by the Gov. as follows: 5 family members - at least 1 shall be a member of a family with a child with intellectual disabilities or other developmental disabilities, and 1 shall be a member of a family with an adult with intellectual disabilities or other developmental disabilities. Of these 5 family members, at least 2 shall be members of a family with an individual with intellectual disabilities or other developmental disabilities residing in the home of the family member or in a community-based setting, and at least 2 shall be members of a family with an individual with intellectual disabilities or other mental disabilities residing in an institutional residential facility that provides services to individual with intellectual disabilities or other developmental disabilities; 3 persons with intellectual disabilities or other developmental disabilities; 2 business leaders; 3 direct service providers representing the KY Assoc of Regional Programs and the KY Assoc of Residential Resources; and 1 representative of a statewide advocacy group. Public members may only serve 2 consecutive terms.
Compensation: $25.00 per day and expenses
Meeting Schedule: At least quarterly or upon the call of the chair.
Number of Members: 24
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          100 Fair Oaks Lane 4W-C
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502) 564-7702
Fax: (502) 564-0438


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Glisson, Secretary Vickie Yates Brown12/8/2015Ex-officio
Morris, Commissioner WendyEx-officio
Miller, Commissioner Stephen P.Ex-officio
Hoskinson, BuddyEx-officio
Sheppard-Jones, Kathy Ex-officio
Underwood, Mary LeeEx-officio
Jenkins, Representative JoniMember; House of Representatives representativeJefferson
Watkins, Representative DavidMember; House of Representatives representativeHenderson
Buford, Senator TomMember; Senate representativeJessamine
Adams, Senator Julie RaqueMember; Senate representativeJefferson
Kiernan, Missy R.8/4/20157/15/2019Member; Family representativeJefferson
Sweets, Julie8/4/20157/15/2019Member; Family representativeWarren
Edwards, Cathy Jo1/10/20137/15/2016Member; Self advocate representativeMontgomery
Chesser, James C.8/4/20157/15/2019Member; Self advocate representativeFayette
Venetianer, Andrew A.8/4/20157/15/2019Member; Self advocate representativeJefferson
Griffith, Dennis Brandon8/4/20157/15/2019Dedicated Service ProviderFayette
Braker, Lynn M.8/4/20157/15/2019Member; Business Leader representativeJessamine
George, Christopher D.11/18/20167/15/2020Dedicated Service Provider; KY Assoc. of Private Providers representativePulaski
Bazzell, Berlinda A.11/18/20167/15/2020Member; Representing family members of an adult with an intellectual or developmental disability residing in a facility-based residential settingAllen
Herdina, Karen F.11/18/20167/15/2020Member; Representing business leadersCampbell
Wooton, Rita D.11/18/20167/15/2020Member; Representing family members of a child with intellectual or other developmental disabilities residing in the home or community-based settingLeslie
Smith, Michael Shannon11/18/20167/15/2020Member; Representing individuals with intellectual disabilities or other devlopmental disabilitiesBracken
Beard, Stella W.11/18/20167/15/2020Member; Representing statewide advocacy groupsCasey
Shannon, Steve3/7/20186/15/2019Member; Representing direct service providers
Ellis-Reeves, Cheri L.3/4/2019Member, representing consumers of a family members who resides in an ICF/MR facility that accepts Medicaid paymentsHardin
Carroll, Clayton Russell8/28/20197/15/2023Member, representing individuals with disabilitiesCasey
Napolilli, Robert A.8/28/20197/15/2023Member, representing family members of an individual with disabilitiesJefferson
Zeigler, Kim8/28/20197/15/2020Member, representing family members of an individual with disabilitiesFranklin
Griffith, Dennis Brandon8/28/20197/15/2023Member, representing direct service providersFayette
Venetianer, Andrew A.8/28/20197/15/2023Member, representing individuals with disabilitiesJefferson
Sweets, Julie Anne8/28/20197/15/2023Member, representing family members of an individual with disabilitiesWarren
Shannon, Steve8/28/20197/15/2023Member, representing direct service providersFayette

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