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Human Rights, Commission on

Authority: KRS 344.150
Status: Active
Term: 3 years
Chair: Governor appoints Chair.
Description: The function of the commission shall be to encourage fair treatment for, to foster mutual understanding and respect among and to discourage discrimination against any racial or ethnic group or its members.
Composition: Governor appoints 11 members. 1 from each Supreme Court District and 4 from the state at-large. Governor designates 1 member as Chair.
Compensation: $65.00 per day & expenses
Meeting Schedule: Monthly
Number of Members: 11
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          332 W. Broadway, 7th Floor
          Louisville, KY
County: Jefferson
Phone: (502) 595-4024
Fax: (502) 595-4801


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Curtis, Henry J.9/19/20139/12/2016Member; 5th Supreme Court District representativeFranklin
Futrell, Adam10/8/20189/12/2020Member, representing the 1st Supreme Court DistrictMcCracken
Randolph, Alma L.10/8/20189/12/2021Member, representing the 2nd Supreme Court DistrictDaviess
Cowherd, Jerry E.10/8/20189/12/2021Member, representing the 3rd Supreme Court DistrictGreen
Cummins, Vincent "Kelly"10/8/20189/12/2020Member, representing the 4th Supreme Court DistrictJefferson
Cole, Debbie A.10/8/20189/12/2019Member, representing the 5th Supreme Court DistrictFayette
Cuzick, Rebecca10/8/20189/12/2019Member, representing the 6th Suupreme Court districtKenton
Bailey, Tommy10/8/20189/12/2019Member, represnting the 7th Supreme Court DistrictBoyd
Fuentes, Luis D.10/8/20189/12/2019Member, represnting the state at-largeFranklin
Delaney-Ellis, Kem10/8/20189/12/2020Member, representing the state at-largeShelby
Smith, Garnetta10/8/20189/12/2020Member, representing the state at-largeJefferson
Jamison, Yvette Goodwin10/8/20189/12/2021Member, representing the state at-largeJefferson

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