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Hearing Instruments, Kentucky Licensing Board for Specialists in

Authority: KRS 334.140
Status: Active
Term: 4 years
Description: The Kentucky Licensing Board for Specialists in Hearing Instruments regulates and controls the licensing, conduct and operation of hearing instruments within the Commonwealth.
Composition: 9 members appointed by the Governor as follows: 5 members shall be specialists in hearing instruments licensed under KRS 334.080, with at least 5 years relevant experience. The Governor shall consider nominations from the Hearing Aid Assoc. of KY. No 2 members of the same business can serve at the same time. 1 member shall be a physician licensed to practice medicine in KY and specializing in otology or otolaryngology. 1 member shall be an audiologist holding at least a master's degree from a recognized college or university and having the certification of clinical competence in audiology from the American Speech-Language Hearing Assoc. and licensed under KRS Chapter 334A. 1 member shall be a citizen at-large who is not associated with or financially interested in the practice or business regulated. 1 member shall be the Secretary of the Cabinet for Health Services, or designee. All terms expire on July 31 of designated year. No member shall serve consecutive terms.
Compensation: Not to exceed $100 plus expenses
Meeting Schedule: Every even month.
Number of Members: 9
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          Occupations and Professions 911 Leawood Drive
          Frankfort, KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502) 564-3296
Fax: (502) 696-1899


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Pearlman, Peter M.8/28/20147/31/2018MemberFayette
Clark, Steven H.8/28/20147/31/2018MemberMcCracken
Brown II, William J.3/5/20147/31/2017MemberJefferson
Brown Glisson, Vickie YatesEx-Officio; Secretary, Dept. of Health Services
Stone, Michael8/29/20177/31/2020Member; Representing Specialist in Hearing InstrumentsMcCracken
Blakeman, Faron8/3/20187/31/2022MemberKenton
Gadre, Arun K.Member
Thompson, Gregory Allen8/3/20187/31/2022Member; Rep Specialist in hearing instrumentsClark
Corder, Travis Earl8/3/20187/31/2022Member; Rep Specialist in hearing instrumentsWoodford
Broyles, Ryan Gabriel1/7/20197/31/2021Member, representing audiologistsWarren
Cummons-Caruso, Allison Michelle9/11/20197/31/2023Member, representing specialists in hearing instrumentsKnox
Brown, William Laurence12/5/20197/31/2023Member, representing citizens at-largeBoone

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