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Fire Protection Personnel Standards and Education, Commission on

Authority: KRS 95A.020
Status: Active
Term: 4 years
Chair: Members elect chairman, vice-chairman and secretary.
Description: The Commission on Fire Protection Personnel Standards and Education is charged with strengthening, upgrading and improving the fire services for the citizens and industries within the commonwealth through standardized education, training, communication and distribution of funds.
Composition: 2 ex-officio members - Chancellor, Technical Institutions' Branch of the KY Community & Technical College System and State Fire Marshal or their designees. 17 members, residents of KY, appointed by the Governor, who shall be well qualified by experience or education in the field of fire protection or related fields. Membership shall include 2 volunteer firefighters (neither of which is a fire chief or asst. fire chief); 3 paid firefighters (at least 1 shall be a full-time paid county firefighter and none of whom shall be a fire chief or asst. fire chief); 1 trustee of a volunteer fire department or fire district who is not a volunteer firefighter; 2 fire chiefs of paid fire depts.; 1 licensed physician; 2 fire chiefs of volunteer fire departments; 1 rep. of the KY Industrial Response Committee; 1 rep. of the Division of Emergency Management of the Dept. of Military Affairs; 1 Mayor of a KY city; 1 County Judge/Executive; 1 rep. of KY industry or business enterprise; and 1 rep. of the general public. The Commission shall meet at least 6 times a year and annually elect chairman, vice-chairman and secretary.
Compensation: Expenses
Meeting Schedule: At least 6 times annually
Number of Members: 19
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          300 N. Main Street
          Versailles, KY
County: Woodford
Phone: (800) 782-6823
Fax: (859) 256-3125


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Dearing, Gregory E.8/13/20157/16/2019Member; Business & industry representativeJefferson
Daugherty, Rick J.8/13/20157/16/2019Member; Paid firefighers representativeKenton
Melahn, William L.8/13/20157/16/2019Member; Licensed physiciansRowan
Baer II, Larry Joe 8/13/20157/16/2019Member; Paid firefighters representativeBoyd
Tyler, Kevin C.7/18/20147/16/2018Member; Fire chiefs of paid fire departments representativeJefferson
Meyer, Richard E.7/18/20147/16/2018Member; General public representativeKenton
Lowe, Gregory Alan7/18/20147/16/2018Member; Fire chiefs of volunteer fire departments representativeHardin
Goldsmith, Charles D.7/18/20147/16/2018Member; Fire chiefs of volunteer fire departments representativeJefferson
Nickell, Judge James D.7/18/20147/16/2018Member; County Judge/Executive representativeRowan
Tracy, Rhonda Ph.D.4/16/2015Ex-Officio; Chancellor, KCTCS
Swope, William W.Ex-Officio; State Fire Marshal
Lucas, Patrick1/12/20187/16/2020MemberBreckinridge
Britain, Michael D.2/14/20186/16/2020Member; Representing volunteer firefightersHardin
Dreisbach, Sean7/31/20187/16/2020Member; Fire Chiefs of Paid Fire Departments Rep.Jefferson
Isaacs, Dustin R7/31/20187/16/2022Member; General-Public Rep.Franklin
Bartley, Christopher7/31/20187/16/2020Member; Paid County FirefightersFayette
Scott, Andrew H7/31/20187/16/2020Member; Mayors Rep.Pike
Lucas, Patrick7/31/20187/16/2022Member; Fire Chiefs of Volunteer Fire DepartmentsBreckinridge
Madden, Lonnie7/31/20187/16/2022Member; Fire Chiefs of Volunteer fire Departments Rep.Jackson
Howser, David7/31/20187/16/2022Member; Fire Chiefs of Paid Fire DepartmentsJefferson
Lawson, Henry Scott7/31/20187/16/2022Member; Volunteer firefighters Rep.Marion
Choate, Joe A.1/4/20197/16/2022Member, representing County Judge/ExecutivesHart
Bunnell, John F.1/25/20197/16/2020Member representing trustees of fire departmentsHart
Iacconi, Daniel Joseph2/11/20197/16/2020Member, representing Kentucky Industrial Response CommitteeBarren

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