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Agriculture, State Board of

Authority: KRS 246.120-140
Status: Active
Term: 4 years, no limit
Chair: Commissioner of Agriculture. Director of Agricultural Experiment Center serves as Vice-Chair.
Description: Considers the general agricultural, horticultural and forestry interests of the state, and takes necessary steps for carrying out the purpose of the Board.
Composition: 14 members as follows: Commissioner of Agriculture, who shall serve as chair; director of the Agricultural Experimentation Center, who shall serve as vice chair; the state president of the Future Farmers of America (non-voting member); state president of the Young Farmers of America (nonvoting member); the state president of the 4-H Club (non-voting member); the Governor shall appoint nine at-large members who shall be experienced and practical farmers or agriculturalists; no more than five of the nine shall belong to the same political party.
Compensation: $50.00 per diem and necessary expenses
Meeting Schedule: The board shall meet in Frankfort at least once every two (2) months, or at any other place it may determine, to consider the general agricultural, horticultural, and forestry interests of the state, and to take the necessary steps for carrying out the purpose of the board. The Commissioner may, and at the request of six (6) of its voting members shall, call its meetings and the board may adjourn any meeting to a time and place as may be determined. Six (6) voting members shall constitute a quorum. Six (6) members may call the board together for the transaction of business if the Commissioner, upon their request, refuses to do so.
Number of Members: 14
Needs Senate Confirmation: No
          Department of Agriculture 111 Corporate Drive
          Frankfort, , KY
County: Franklin
Phone: (502) 564-4696
Fax: (502) 573-0046


NameAppointedTerm ExpiresPositionCounty
Boyd, Charles E.8/14/20128/1/2016MemberMason
Howard, Neil Allan8/14/20128/1/2016MemberFayette
Selby, Darrell8/14/20128/1/2016MemberRussell
Clay, James L.8/14/20128/1/2016MemberPerry
Reding, Mark A.8/14/20128/1/2016MemberNelson
Quarles, Commissioner Ryan Chair
Bennett, Dr. RickVice-Chair; Director, Agricultural Experiment CenterFayette
Pinkston, BenNon-voting; State president, Future Farmers of America
Thomas, MarkNon-voting; State president, Young Farmer Association
Andries, CalvinNon-voting; State president, 4-H Club
Brady, Rebecca Lynn10/17/20178/1/2020MemberFayette
Cowherd, Anthony James10/16/20178/1/2020MemberTaylor
Bach, Mary10/16/20188/1/2020MemberBath
Boyd, Charles II10/16/20178/1/2020MemberMason
Turpin, Billy Glenn10/16/20178/1/2020MemberMadison
Reding, Mark A.10/16/20188/1/2020MemberNelson
Moore, Sam10/16/20188/1/2020MemberButler
Ashby, Marc B.10/16/20188/1/2020MemberChristian
Furches, Sharon W.10/16/20178/1/2020MemberCalloway

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